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    The Great Victoria Desert, by now, had representatives of the media three-deep, trying to interview every grain of sand.
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  • Rilith, the weavers daughter, she started it, asking Jon the blacksmith to marry her, and him old enough to be her father and more. In seconds, she joined the pony on the ground, screaming as cruel teeth, claws, and antlers tore into her body.

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    Again and again he thrust with all his strength; each time he felt it sink home. One of his pictures--the one I think of as his major picture--has been as recallable to me, over the years, as, say, the lyrics of Sweet Sue or Let Me Call You Sweetheart.

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  • I was just thinking I don't have anything to remember my family by no lucky rock, at least. Prantz was here this afternoon, looking for some antique radios the Cobbs were supposed to be saving for him - or so he said.
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  • From an athletic bag Erasmo took a vial of something fine-grained and black. She looked stunned as Kirk and the landing party materialized in front of her.
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    He nodded and added, 'I am required to notify you, gentlemen and patrons, that this client has given the usual legal notice of two weeks, subject of course to liens of record.
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  • He unfolded his long legs and stretched them out in front of him, leaning back, bracing himself with his arms.
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